Society is Diversity arises together!

Persecution, murder, exclusion, bullying and discrimi-nation characterise the world-wide situation of homosexual people and people with gender issues. Again and again, LGBTIQ* people become victims of physical and psychological violence. As we struggle for equality, acceptance and respect, we must make sure that those crimes are being prosecuted, that the unequal treatment is made visible, that we put a face to the victims and make their stories heard. However, this focus is lopsided for it assigns LGBTIQ* people one role, and one role only: the victim.

Our large art exhibition WE ARE PART OF CULTURE, created by the non-profit organisation Project 100% HUMAN (Projekt 100% MENSCH), aims to broaden this picture: we are more than victims! We have played an active and positive part in the creation of society, culture, politics, and the sciences. We made history!

WE ARE PART OF CULTURE (WAPOC) exhibits more than 30 figures from antiquity to the present day who had a major impact on European culture: people who loved the same sex, bisexual people, trans* or intersex people. The portraits were created especially for this exhibition by famous German and international artists. The artistic styles are as diverse as the characters they portray.
From 2017 – 2019, the exhibition was displayed in 20 major train stations throughout Germany and is now ready to go global.
The exhibition can be adapted to meet the needs of almost any venue: we can offer various formats such as light boxes, flatware (acrylic laminates), posters, tritower roll-ups or projections.

The well-thought-out connection of art, history, politics and society, as well as the inclusive presentation with multi-lingual texts (also in wheelchair friendly height) and audio files contributes to WE ARE PART OF CULTURE’s extraordinary statement of acceptance, respect and diversity.

Seize the opportunity and accompany the exhibition with panel discussions, talks or movie screenings or enhance your diversity conference with this empowering exhibition.

Just get in touch with us and we will work out the perfect way to accommodate the needs of your venue!


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