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* 20th July 356 BC in Pella, today Greece

† 10th June 323 BC in Babylon, today Iraq

Alexander III of Macedonia, better known as Alexander the Great, was one of the most successful generals and conquerors of the ancient world. From 336 BC until his death, he was king of Macedonia and leader of the Corinthian League. He was successful in expanding his Empire from Macedonia (now a part of Greece) to Egypt and India.

The era of Hellenism began with his reign and Greek culture was spread over much of the then known world. For centuries after his death, this culture contin-ued to have an influence on European civilization.

The military successes, the life, the history, and the myth of Alexander are a popular topic in art and literature. However, his achievements have been, and are still today, judged contrastingly.

After the death of his beloved lover Hephaestion, he fell into a deep grief. He had the doctor of his lover crucified, and had horses and mules shaved and sacrificed. He then fasted for several days before arranging a monumental funeral. Alexander was also married to a total of three women.

Alexander the Great was probably bisexual.